CEDEP 50-year event

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of you who attended our very special 50-year anniversary event

It was rare opportunity to celebrate, reconnect, reimagine, share and network with you all and to inspire new thinking as always.

We would also like to share with you our event photo gallery: https ://private.joomeo.com/users/mail41

And a short video that encapsulates this special day and yet another CEDEP ‘moment in time’: 

And here’s a short drone video that showcases our stunning campus and event dome surrounded by the Fontainebleau Forest: 

Event session videos

If you were unable to attend our event or would like to revisit any of the keynotes, here are the videos of each session:

Welcome and Safety Moment

Peter Day, Event Facilitator, and Muriel Barnier, CEDEP faculty and Founder and Managing Director of Lime Core took us all through what to expect during the day and how to stay safe!

Opening Address

Thomas Hinterseer, CEDEP Managing Director, and Suresh Tripathi, CEDEP Chairman of the Board and HRO at Air India (former Vice President HR at Tata Steel) opened the event reflecting on our inspiring 50-year journey and what makes us so unique in the ever-evolving world of executive education – now and into the future.

Member Insights Session: L’Oréal

L’Oréal’s executives Elisabeth Araujo, CEDEP Board Member and Managing Director Europe Zone, Active Cosmetics Division, David Arnera, Group Culture and Leadership Transformation Officer and Yasmina Jaidi, International Learning Director, Leadership & Culture Programs explored the success of our unique 50-year founding partnership and how we will continue this success into the future.

The Future of Work Demystified: Fishbowl Conversation

Sebastien Olleon, CEDEP faculty and business consultant and Jasmine Manet, CEDEP faculty, Managing Director Youth Forever and Founder Vocation, both led an engaging Fishbowl Conversation on The Future of Work Demystified facilitating an insightful and cross-generational exploration of the myths surrounding the future of work.

Pioneering the Future of Health & Safety: Fishbowl Conversation

Renowned safety specialists, Muriel Barnier, CEDEP faculty and Founder and Managing Director of Lime Core, and Andrew Sharman, CEDEP faculty and Managing Partner of RMS, Chairman of EHS Congress, Founder and Chairman of the One Percent Safer Foundation, led an insightful exchange of views in a second Fishbowl Conversation on Pioneering the Future of Health & Safety. As we celebrate the successes achieved in safety over the past decades, Muriel and Andrew asked if we need to continue on the same journey or challenge ourselves by asking what the future of H&S will look like.

Dreaming and Envisioning the Next 25 Years of CEDEP: Workshop.

Ravi Shankar, Academic Director, CEDEP, facilitated Dreaming and Envisioning the Next 25 Years of CEDEP at this key event workshop with faculty and partner participation. In a lively debate, we asked: What’s our vision for the future of executive education? Where and how will we learn 25 years from now? Will leadership models have evolved? What impact will the metaverse have on developing our leaders of the future?

Closing Remarks

Thomas Hinterseer, CEDEP Managing Director, wrapped up this unforgettable event with some insights into the CEDEP of the future and thanked everyone evolved in putting together such a great day.

Live For Good: Social Enterprise Booth

We also showcased an array of Live for Good’s Entrepreneurs for Good and their impressive social enterprises during the event. Here’s a reminder of their products and innovations:

La Miche

Launched in 2020, social enterprise La Miche produces trendy, anti-waste craft beer brewed from unsold bread.


Launched in 2019, Founder and Director of Desclic, Alixe Moujeard is bringing together social workers, academics, illustrators and game designers to make the world a better place.

Le Jus de MAMA

Inspired by his mother’s juice recipes, Flavio Costa Barbosa founded Le jus de MAMA in 2020 with the intention of sharing good juices for people and planet.


Launched in 2019, social enterprise Somalté produces a range of edible tableware made from spent grain, a by-product of the brewing industry and a rich source of fibre and protein.


BIBO is a new social enterprise producing delicious sustainable wellbeing drinks made from cereals, roots and grains 100% harvested and roasted in France.


Launched in 2016 by social entrepreneur Sophie Hombert, Aglaé’s unique eco-responsible serum enables cut flowers and real plants to glow in the dark without genetic modification, displaying a new aesthetic and creating an enchanting and extraordinary experience.

Maze: Partner Booth

Since 2018, Maze has been creating specialist teaching, technology and cognitive science teams to bring concepts which revolutionise digital technology use to life. Maze’s virtual reality (VR) games turn complex leadership issues into dynamic and insightful learning experiences.


And finally, we ended the day celebrating our milestone anniversary with music from Pia Salvia and Noam Israeli.

Pia Salvia is a renowned harpist, vocalist and composer from Belgium and Noam Israeli is a creative and versatile drummer, percussionist and sound engineer from Israel. The two met at Berklee College of Music, Boston, and have been collaborating ever since. While spending several years in New York City, they have become a part of the American musical scene and worked with many artists overseas as well.

For more information about Pia Salvia and to purchase her CDs, please visit her website: https://www.piasalvia.com/

We would also like to say a very special thank you to our amazing audiovisual team!

A special thanks to our friends

Video: Ariane Maurisson : maurisson.ariane@gmail.com

Photo: Nathalie Oundjian : www.nathalie-oundjian.com

Live stream: Gustave’s team https://lesfilmsdegustave.com/

Drone: Franck Norie https://norieservicedrone.fr/

Thank you all once again for being part of this very special day. Happy birthday CEDEP and here’s to the next 50 years!