Nana von Bernuth

Nana von Bernuth is an adjunct professor and business coach at INSEAD focusing on leadership and strategy. Her passion lies in helping participants transform learnings into action. Since 2003, she has combined consulting, research, program design and teaching at INSEAD and CEDEP which allows her to remain at the forefront of the latest insights and developments in these fields.

Nana collaborated with Morten Hansen and Jim Collins on their books Collaboration and Great by Choice as well as on Herminia Ibarra’s book Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader on how to successfully step up to leadership. Her article entitled The 100 Best-Performing CEOs in the World, published in Harvard Business Review, has received worldwide press coverage and is used today to identify CEOs who have been able to create long term value for their companies.

Prior to her career in academia, Nana was a senior management consultant with KPMG Corporate Finance in Berlin and Milan. She is on the board of the artificial intelligence company Addventa in Paris.

At CEDEP, Nana directs our flagship Achieving Managerial Excellence (AME) program on soft skills for business leadership. She played a key role in the redesign of our newly updated General Management Program (GMP NXT) and is now co-director with Jens Meyer. She also directs several company specific programs.