Rob Browton

Rob Browton is a UK-based occupational psychologist specialising in measuring culture and facilitating culture change within organisations. Rob has dedicated his career to understanding and improving workplace culture and the employee experience. In addition to working with GYST Consulting, Rob manages his companies Feedback Works (co-founder and COO) and Blue Provident (founder and principal consultant). He is a contributing author to Introducing Employee Experience Management (EXM) with Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors.

Throughout his career, Rob has worked with a diverse range of industries, applying his skills to unlock the potential of organisational cultures and drive meaningful change. His approach is grounded in the belief of the importance of employee voice. By measuring and interpreting the subtle nuances of employee interactions and organisational norms, Rob provides actionable insights that lead to sustainable improvements in culture and performance.

Rob Browton’s commitment to his profession is not just about improving numbers or meeting business objectives – it’s about fostering environments where employees feel valued, engaged and aligned with their company’s mission. He aims to inspire and guide organisations in their quest to create more inclusive, productive and positive workplaces.