Sophie Van De Venne

Sophie Van de Venne is a speaker and international leadership and performance coach who energises people, teams and organisations using the Mentally Fit method. Her inspiring and practical approach is based on her in-depth international management experience and expertise in organisational leadership. She understands the role of the mental game in business and sports and believes talent is overrated – it is the amount of mental agility, emotional intelligence and resilience that predicts an uplift in performance and leadership success.

As a leadership coach in the UK and Malaysia, Sophie cultivated a real passion for cultural exchanges and international relations. She has built up her expertise by coaching managers and directors from different parts of the world including the UK, Belgium, Italy, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, India and the US.

Sophie has a bachelor’s degree in marketing, EPHEC, Brussels and a master’s degree in consumer behaviour for marketing and advertising, UCK, London. She is a certified professional coach, ICA, Australia and also a certified performing edge coaching professional, PECI, USA.