CEDEP’s MBE LiVE awarded prestigious EFMD EOCCS Certificate for Digital Learning

We are very proud to announce that our popular MBE LiVE online programme has been awarded the prestigious EFMD EOCCS Certificate for Digital Learning!

Co-designed with our members L’Oréal and Renault during the height of the Covid pandemic, MBE LiVE develops business acumen for tomorrow’s leaders by encouraging them to step outside of their functional boundaries and think holistically about the world of business.

MBE LiVE has since become one of our most successful programmes attracting more than 700 participants in the last three years.

This certification involved a five-month qualification and review process and reaffirms the outstanding quality and value the programme delivers with its exceptional online design, trusting clients and engaged participants – all delivered and orchestrated by world renowned faculty, committed programme directors and conscientious coordinators.

We’d like to thank EFMD for what is a true reflection of our collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment to delivering impactful learning experiences.

CEDEP’s MBE LiVE enables high achieving leaders to appreciate business strategy and its connection with finance, better understand the role of customers and markets, and analyse operations – all while examining the impact of digital transformation and the need for sustainability.

For more information about MBE LiVE and dates for 2023/2024, please contact Muriel PAILLEUX at muriel.pailleux@cedep.fr and click here for all programme information: Online Mastering Business Excellence Programme (MBE) – CEDEP