Safety Savvy


Fast-paced, dynamic, and interactive, this half-day workshop explores the Five Truths of the Safety Savvy – the five things everyone needs to know, think, and stay safe – at work, home, and in life. Based on Dr. Tim Marsh and Dr. Andrew Sharman’s book Safety Savvy – What You Need to Know to Stay Alive Longer in a Dangerous and Uncertain World, this workshop is perfect for groups from shift teams, departments, and employees across the organisation. Participants will become clearer of what they need to do to go home safely today, tomorrow, and every day.


During this inspiring two-day workshop, participants will:

  • Take personal responsibility for safety and commit to being safety savvy.
  • Appreciate the impact their personal behaviour has on workplace safety and encourage a culture of care across your organisation.
  • Understand the organisational, social, and personal causes of workplace accidents.
  • Make smarter, safer choices at work, at home and in life every day.
  • Feel engaged, encouraged, and empowered to work safely and actively contribute to a human-focused, interdependent safety.


This workshop also enables your organisation to:

  • Start driving safety culture change from the grassroots.
  • Enable employees to see safety from a new, dynamic, and highly personal perspective.
  • Create a more alert and safety-conscious workforce to reduce accidents, improve productivity, and boost engagement daily.
Learning journey

This workshop includes a mix of team and individual exercises, as well as open discussions to focus attention on the importance of safe behaviours in everyday life.

Using a discovered-learning style, this unique workshop uses excerpts, clips, and quotes from blockbuster movies and characters including Rocky, Dirty Harry, and The Godfather to focus attention and inspire action with real-life stories involving leaders such as Nelson Mandela and film stars including Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Through this workshop participants will change the way they view workplace risk, realise their own role in ensuring safety, and feel empowered to take positive action.

Key topics

  • How to reduce reliance on luck and stay safe all day, every day
  • The organisational, social, and personal factors that influence safety
  • Say Something! – the importance and impact of speaking up for safety
  • Living, Loving, Laughing and Giving – the four keys to personal wellbeing
  • Make it personal – your commitment to being safety savvy

One half-day session, which can be extended to a full day if needed.

Participant profile

Safety Savvy is ideal for the entire workforce as well as first-line supervisors and team leaders. Its approach provides a fresh perspective which energises people, eliminates negativity and sets the scene for safety success.

We also offer Safety Savvy as a Train-the-Trainer program where your selected employees are trained in the content and delivery of the workshop and learn presentation and advanced communication skills including body language, non-verbal communication and much more.

The course culminates with your new trainers delivering the Safety Savvy workshop to a group of your employees. A final assessment, formal personal feedback and trainer certification complete the process.

Safety Savvy
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