You are participating in a training session organised by CEDEP, we hope that it meets your expectations

You can contact us before, during and after your training:

  • Main reception (external switch board) : 01 64 69 44 44
  • Main reception (internal switchboard) : 9

The receptionists are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

And from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. there are night security staff (for on-campus programmes)

Muriel LARVARON +33 (0)7 72 27 34 43

Ravi SHANKAR +33 (0)7 51 92 53 84

Learning Journey :

Leadership Through Health and Safety Culture is a blended learning journey with digital onboarding, 4.5 days of immersive face-to-face content sessions with leadership faculty and follow-up for maximum impact. 

Participants explore different aspects of safety in the workplace and acquire new management skills to drive thriving organisations filled with inspired and committed workers who respect their managers and each other.

Lightbulb moments connect the dots between topics, are highly relevant and deliver practical and actionable plans. Participants work on a specific organisational strategy to establish safety goals, develop resources, ensure team participation, identify and assess hazards and prevent and control risks. 


Corinne DELPLANQUE  corinne.delplanque@cedep.fr


CEDEP is a global executive education club where minds meet, grow, and succeed together.

We are a unique and recognized global collective intelligence community of international members from diverse and non-competitive industries. Our members understand the importance of building lasting relationships, cultivating active participation and open exchange, and mobilising our collective intelligence.

We are grounded in the real world and motivated by the day-to-day challenges of the businesses in our community. We go further and deeper than a traditional business school, leading to an innovative, relevant and practical education.

Our independence gives us the freedom to bring together experts and faculty from the world’s best business schools and our extensive network of training partners to work alongside our members.

We co-create customised, multi-company programmes that focus on leadership skills development. Our dynamic and highly interactive programmes can be delivered in person or online, or both, and always in small groups.

We continually challenge convention and conventional wisdom, while generating innovative and challenging thinking from within and building internal capacity and accountability.

We are co-led by our member companies who believe in a humanistic philosophy and approach. We focus on long-term, sustainable organisational development.

We are based in the forest of Fontainebleau and share a campus and origins with INSEAD. CEDEP, created 50 years ago by pioneering entrepreneurs, was the first associative organisation dedicated to the training of executives and business leaders. Today we are an independent, not-for-profit club with an international membership.

In an uncertain and changing world, we choose to work together to create a better world for all.

Together we are better. Together we are stronger.

Together we are CEDEP.



Your training will take place according to the programme that was given to you before you registered.

 The training day will start with the presentation of each trainee, the trainer and your learning objective. Your questions and interventions will be welcome throughout the session.

 In addition to the trainers, each programme is monitored by a ‘Programme Manager’ who is responsible for ensuring that the learning pathway is followed and by a ‘Coordinator’ whose role is to facilitate your practical life.

 At the end of the course, you will complete an assessment questionnaire to evaluate your learning.

Procedures For Assessing Learning

During the course, participants are regularly put into situations. This approach allows each participant to assess his or her own progress towards the personal objective in question.

To measure the satisfaction of the participants with the training we provide, we use an individual evaluation questionnaire (anonymous) on the spot, which makes it possible to measure several points such as: compliance with initial expectations, the course of the training (duration, pace, balance between theory and practice, the trainer’s teaching skills, the interest of the content, the quality of the documentation and the materials, etc.).

In addition to the on-the-spot evaluation questionnaire, we offer an oral evaluation at the end of the session to allow all those who wish to share their spontaneous feelings.


Our courses are given on the Chateauform’ Cély en Bière campus, operated by CEDEP, or online.

The participant must take note of the internal regulations and the participant’s charter, which can be found online when registering or on the CEDEP website.


On arrival, in the case of on-campus training courses, participants are given a map of the site, materials as well as the indications and information necessary to follow the programme, including the welcome letter and “how to find your way around the CEDEP campus at Chateauform”.

Timetable / Agenda

Participants registered for a course must arrive at the address indicated on the invitation.

On arrival, they will receive the program schedule

The timetables to be respected are mentioned for the entire duration of the course.

Timetable for the program courses

  • Break times
  • Meal times

In the event of absence or lateness to the course, the participant must inform the Program Director or CEDEP Coordinator


How to connect to the CEDEP platform?

A link is sent by the coordinator to the participant who connects with his email address and creates his own password.

Connection problems

For any connection problem, the participant should contact the coordinator mentioned in the programme details.

Documents available on the CEDEP platform

  • Programme content

  • CVs of the speakers

  • Access maps to the CEDEP

  • Living at CEDEP / participant’s charter

  • Rules of procedure

  • Course materials