Executive Education

IILSC Executive Education programs have been developed by the executive education club CEDEP and some of the greatest minds in safety. A blend of high-level workshops, keynotes, and online sessions, these premium training products are designed to develop business-critical skills and knowledge that organisations must have to thrive in a complex, ever-changing world.

Multi-company programs

Multi-company programs are co-created with the Health & Safety experts from CEDEP member companies and partners, with our experts and faculty from many of the world’s top business schools.

The programs are rooted in the real world and driven by the real-life, current, and most pressing challenges of companies.

Leading Health & Safety as a Performance Lever
Leading Health & Safety as a Performance Lever

Custom journeys

Custom journeys are co-created with each company, driven by their unique business challenges and strategic issues, resulting in highly relevant and actionable learning.

Custom programs

IILSC co-creates highly personalised company-specific programs, co-created with your company and our experts and faculty from many of the worlds’ top business schools.

Custom Workshops

IILSC offers workshops adapted to your specific needs.

Consulting Services

Invest in IILSC Consultancy to build a culture of care